August 01, 2006

Tory's can be authoritarian bastards to

Living in Torquay there is often acres of bare flesh on display, often acres just on one person. So I can quite understand how the sight of a walking lard mountain wobbling down the street is not the most aesthetically pleasing of sights. But having their bodies that way is their choice, and should they want to display them to the fullest extent that is also their choice. If you don't want want to know the result of a few chips too many, then just look away.

Unfortunately some people cannot grasp that simple concept. Such as this Tory councillor who wants to ban men walking around bare chested in public.
Last weekend, former local government minister Nicholas Bennett, who is now a senior councillor in Bromley, Kent, e-mailed Conservative councillors across England asking if any council had introduced a bylaw to prohibit men from exposing themselves in such an unattractive manner.
If somebody chooses to dress in klan couture in order to remain modest because of their religion, then that is fine (being force to wear one is completely different matter). However so is going around skyclad, should that be what your invisible friend tells you to do. Perhaps your chip based body building has given you a physique that is simply better suited to living on ice flows in the arctic than the warm weather we have been having recently and you need to keep cool.

Your body is your property and nobody has the right to dictate the way it is decorated. Nobody has ever died because of aesthetic shock.


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